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switching images onClick
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Put a TEXTAREA on a FORM and name them, like this:

<FORM NAME = "iljtextareaform">1
<TEXTAREA NAME = "iljtextarean"2
ROWS = "8"
COLS = "30"
WRAP = "physical">

Code for the first two clickable images could look like this:
<A HREF = "#"
ONCLICK="iljtextval(0,0);return false">
<IMG SRC= "picture file"
WIDTH = "width of image"
HEIGHT = "width of image"
<A HREF = "#"
ONCLICK="iljtextval(1,1);return false">
<IMG SRC= "picture file"
WIDTH = "width of image"
HEIGHT = "width of image"
Clicking one of the images thus calls the function iljtextval(). This function shows the texts and switches the images. The numbers within parentheses keep track of WHICH TEXT to display and WHERE to switch images. The numbers will enter the function as textnummer and bildnummer respectively.
First of all the image files are preloaded if switching images is OK in the browser being used. This is what the code looks like:
iljbild = new Array()
iljbild[0] = new Image()
iljbild[1] = new Image()
iljbild[0].src = "../darkred.gif"
iljbild[1].src = "../red.gif"
function iljtextval(textnummer,bildnummer)
text = new Array()
text[0] = "text 1 text"
text[1] = "text 2 text"
// etc
document.iljtextareaform1.iljtextarean2.value = text[textnummer]

1 the name of the FORM
2 the name of the TEXTAREA
4 on this page there are no pictures before those that are part of the example; that means that the first clickable arrow is document.images[0]. This loop thus starts from 0 and makes sure that the initial picture (in this example the arrow) is displayed at all places and then ...
5 the image you´ve clicked is replaced by a new one (in this example a red circle)
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